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Current biweekly pay period ends:
Sat, 3/24/2018
Complete updates and approvals by:
Mon, 3/26/2018 @ 5PM

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Biweekly Payroll Adjustment

For approvers: If you missed the payroll lockout date and need to make changes to a biweekly employee's pay record, please complete a Biweekly Payroll Adjustment form and have your HR Administrator send the form to Payroll. The form and instructions are available here:

Vacation Policy Information

If you are currently using UChicago Time, your vacation accruals and usage are maintained within the system. UChicago Time allows non-exempt employees to report time worked and absences, and to track their accruals. UChicago Time allows exempt employees to report absences and to track their accruals. An employee's supervisor will review and approve vacation time usage through the system.

If you are a non-exempt, biweekly-paid employee, be sure to record and submit absences daily via UChicago Time. If you fail to record and submit absences daily, you could forfeit an accrual award when you are near the allowable vacation maximum.

If you are an exempt, monthly-paid employee, record and submit absences on the last working day of each month via UChicago Time's Monthly Absence Report. If you fail to submit your absences on the last working day of the month, you could forfeit an accrual award when you are either close to or at the allowable vacation maximum.

Click here to access the official University Vacation Policy.

Personal Holiday Policy Information

Please record all Personal Holidays by the end of the calendar year! Any NOT recorded by December 31, 2018 will be lost!

According to the University's Personal Holiday Policy, all personal holiday time will be removed December 31st of each calendar year. Based on the policy, if you have personal holiday time balances as of December 31st, UChicago Time will remove the time from your personal holiday balances.

On your accrual balances the "earned" personal holiday time for January 1st may not equal two personal holidays. However, please be assured the "balance" will show two personal days for January. For example, if you had 8 hours of personal holiday time remaining in 2018 and you earn 8 hours of personal time for each new personal holiday award on January 1, 2019, you may see only 8 hours of "earned" time because the system is awarding 16 hours of earned time and subtracting the 8 hours of time remaining from 2018. However, the "balance" will correctly reflect 16 hours of personal holiday time.

If you should have any questions about the policy or accrual balances, please feel free to contact us at uctimepolicy@uchicago.edu.