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About UChicago Time

UChicago Time is the University of Chicago's workforce time tracking system. It's a web-based application that allows biweekly employees to report work time, record absences, and track accruals. It also allows monthly employees to record absences and track accruals.

U of C Clock

If you are a biweekly-paid employee, you will enter your time on a daily basis using either a web clock or a swipe clock device. If you are on a defined schedule, and you clock time according to your schedule, the system will automatically approve your time. On days when you did not clock to schedule, your supervisor will need to approve your time. If you are on an open schedule, all of your clocked work time will need approval from your supervisor. Once a pay period has ended, the Payroll Department will use your recorded time and absences to process your paycheck.

All biweekly employees on a defined schedule also have the ability to schedule future absences, such as vacations and personal holidays. Those on an open schedule cannot schedule future absences. All biweekly employees can view current accruals.

If you are a monthly-paid employee, you will use UChicago Time to record your absences at the end of each month. You do not record your work hours. The electronic Monthly Absence Report (MAR) is used by the system to track your accruals. You can view your vacation, personal holiday, and sick leave accruals at any time.

Key Features and Benefits

UChicago Time has several advantages:

  • Eliminates processing of paper time cards.
  • Promotes fairness by applying a consistent process for recording work time, paying hours based on correct rule interpretation, and awarding and tracking accruals.
  • Reduces work. There is no need for handwritten reports or manual calculations.
  • Automatically awards and tracks accruals.
  • Provides email notification to employees and supervisors.
  • Assists supervisors in monitoring FMLA compliance.
  • Provides accurate and timely reports to management.

How UChicago Time Will Affect You

UChicago Time is easy to use and should not disrupt your work schedule. The time tracking tasks you perform depend on your particular position.

  • Most biweekly paid employees report time by logging into UChicago Time and starting and stopping a web clock.
  • Some biweekly employees report time by swiping their UChicago ID cards through a time clock device.
  • Monthly paid benefits eligible employees report absences at the end of each month using an electronic Monthly Absence Report.

Your supervisor will provide you with directions on which method to use.

For further instructions, see the Getting Started and Training sections of this website.