Welcome to the UChicago Time Information Site

Getting Started

Several different types of employees will use UChicago Time. Read the information below and select the left menu link that best describes your role.

You are a Biweekly Employee if you:

  • Receive a paycheck biweekly.
  • Use a time card or time clock to report the hours you work and your absences.

You are a benefits eligible Monthly Employee if you:

  • Receive your paycheck at the end of the month.
  • Report your absences using the Monthly Absence Report.

You are an Approver if you:

  • Review and sign biweekly time cards and/or Monthly Absence Reports for employees.

You are an HR Administrator if you:

  • Process timecards and adjustments to send to Financial Services & Human Resources Services
  • Report information on employees' schedules and new and terminated employees.
  • Track accruals for your division, department, or group.
  • Update employee information in the Employee Database.