Welcome to the UChicago Time Information Site



  • Assist employees in learning and using UChicago Time.
  • Act as primary or backup approver for supervisors.
  • Manage more advanced tasks in the UChicago Time application.
  • Communicate with Human Resources Services and Financial Services on schedules and employee status.

Getting Started

Step 1 - Meet with UChicago Time implementation team

  • Determine who will be the time approvers in your department or facility.
  • Determine the strategy you will use to implement UChicago Time in your department.
  • Determine the method you prefer to implement training in your department.
  • Review any policies and issues with Human Resources Services and Financial Services staff.

Step 2 - Make sure you have a CNetID

A CNetID and password are required to log into the UChicago Time application.

  • If you already have a CNetID, you are set.
  • If you do not have a CNetID, you can obtain one on the web at http://cnet.uchicago.edu.
  • If you do not know whether or not you have a CNetID, go to the University Directory Search at http://directory.uchicago.edu/ and look yourself up. If you have a CNetID, it will display in the directory entry as a [CNet ID]@uchicago.edu email address.

Step 3 - Make sure your email address is properly set up

UChicago Time uses your CNet email address to send messages to you. It is essential that you receive these messages. Your CNet email address is in this format:

[YOUR CNET ID]@uchicago.edu

  • If you currently use your CNet email address to send and receive email at the University, you are all set.
  • If you do not use a CNet email address to send and receive email at the University, you need to forward your CNet email address to the email address you normally use. Go to https://cnet.uchicago.edu/mailForward/ and log in using your CNetID and password. Select your Preferred Destination then click Submit.

Step 4 - Access the UChicago Time web application

  • Click the Login link in the top right corner of this page. (Note: the Login link is always available at http://uchicagotime.uchicago.edu.)
  • Log into the UChicago Time system by typing your CNetID and password. Make sure you type your password in the correct upper and lower cases.
  • If you are unable to get into the system, and you are sure your CNetID and password are correct, you may not be set up in the system yet. Check with Human Resources Services for assistance.

If your are able to log into UChicago Time, you are all set to begin using UChicago Time.

Step 5 - Attend Training

  • Attend approver training in addition to one-on-one training sessions with UChicago Time trainer. You will become the location expert for your department or facility.
  • Review all training materials so you fully understand what is expected of each employee.
  • Direct and assist UChicago Time employees in how you want to implement training at your site.