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Training for UChicago Time

Classroom Training for Approvers

The Human Resource Services learning center offers instructor-led classes for Approvers. Topics covered include:

  • An introduction to the system
  • How employees clock their time
  • Viewing and approving time
  • Scheduling absences
  • Viewing reports

Two classes are available: "UChicago Time for Approvers" and "UChicago Time for Approvers of Students and Temporary Employees Only." Anyone who approves biweekly, benefits-eligible staff should attend the "UChicago Time for Approvers" class. If you only approve students and temporary employees, attend the other class. If you only approve monthly staff, you do not need to attend a class; instead, view the Monthly Absence Reports practice activity.

Classes are scheduled regularly. To register, go to the Training Registration site.

All classes are held at the HRS Training Center at 6054 S. Drexel Ave, room 146. Seating is limited to 15 persons per class.

For more information, please contact Support by email at uchicagotimesupport@uchicago.edu.


Training Guide for Approvers

The Approver Training Guide is available in .pdf format. This guide can be used in class or invidividually as self-study. If you use it for self-study, be sure to run the practice activities below when they are indicated in the guide. This guide also makes an excellent reference. Click one of the these links to download a training guide, reference card, or classroom slide handouts:

Approver Practice Activities

These Web-based interactive practice activities give approvers a way to practice each procedure presented in the Approver course. View these in conjunction with the Approver Training Guide above. They can be used in class or individually.